The Allegan County Animal Shelter operated by Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance offers a number of animal services.

As the animal shelter for the county, we are required to take in animals surrendered to us or brought to us by animal control and/or as strays. Our goal for each animal is first to reunite him or her with the rightful owner if the animal has not been the subject of abuse. For animals brought to us by animal control and/or as strays, we have a waiting period of five days before we release the animal for potential adoption in the hopes that the owner will claim the pet. Before we make preparations for any pet to be adopted or fostered, we assess the animal medically, provide care and temperament-test the animal. There is so much more that we do for the animals that are brought to us - all part of our ultimate mission of helping rescued pets to find forever homes.

A list of Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance's services is found here.
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